Chihuly Glass Seattle

Chihuly Glass Museum in Seattle had some of the most beautiful glass creations we had ever witnessed. I had never imagined such a range of colours, shapes and textures were possible to achieve with glass. It was truly a great experience, cannot be missed if you are in Seattle!

Had some concerns with the dim lighting, but the pictures have turned out ok, not too grainy.


6 thoughts on “Chihuly Glass Seattle

  1. There’s so much one can do with glass! I’ll def check the museum if I’m back in Seattle, not the most exciting town in my opinion tho… and rain, rain, rain…


      1. True, it rains quite a bit in the UK 😀 So you’re a coffee drinker eh? I think the proximity of nature would be a good enough reason for me, but again there are places further south that are drier, even much drier lately…

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