Lava field


Lava field in Southern Iceland. There are many types of lava fields in Iceland, some jagged, some smooth, some are bare and others are covered with velvety moss.


4 thoughts on “Lava field

    • This eruption seems to be less energetic and troublesome than the last one. We were there when all the seismic activities were through the roof, and on the day we left, the fissure began erupting. We considered ourselves pretty lucky!
      The Icelandic Met Office website had been so so helpful, it has the daily weather by the hour, volcano updates as well as the aurora forecast, it’s super!


      • Thank you … yes I have been to the Met Office site. I’ve been following where all the scientists are posting information and pictures about the volcano. The last headline included the words ‘grave concern’ as there are signs pointing to a possible large explosive event. Fingers are crossed!


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