View from Ingólfshöfði


Ingólfshöfði is one of the most popular puffin watching spots in Southern Iceland. Black sand beaches dominate the majority of the Icelandic coastline, and for me, it creates the wonderful atmosphere of desolation, as if the island was set alight, and was charred around the edges.


5 thoughts on “View from Ingólfshöfði

      • Well…I live here and there, right now I live in Ireland-pretty close to Iceland, but not sure the following months are a good period to visit..! What do you think?


      • Ah I see, I live in West Yorkshire, and flights from Manchester are pretty affordable.
        The tourist season ends in August, consequently, many guesthouses and restaurants close from September until May the following year. But there are always ways to get around, more and more guesthouses remain open all year round.
        It is possible to go there during winter, as we did a few years back, but many of the roads were closed making a road trip impossible, but we managed to get around by booking tours, which in fact, had worked out to be cheaper than renting a car!
        Iceland looks drastically different throughout the seasons, but wonderful all the same!
        This blog has the full itinerary of our trip (my girlfriend does all the planning :P), as well as some more photos. Perhaps she can provide you with some inspirations


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