The most photogenic puffin in Iceland


18 thoughts on “The most photogenic puffin in Iceland

    1. Yes more puffins! But it’s the last batch I promise.

      We were quite close, about 3 or 4 meters i think. But during breeding season, I think they put up barriers to protect the unhatched eggs because they are lay their eggs on the grassy parts on the edge of the cliffs. When we were there, the birds were about to fly South, so it was ok to get a bit closer


    1. Where about in Scotland did were you from? We are doing a road trip of Scottish Highlands in a couple of months time, as well as Isle of Skye. Puffins are extremely cute, saw them for the first time in Iceland, however, we were told that the best place to see them is in the Shetland Islands…


      1. I’m from Glasgow but lived in Aberdeen for nearly 6 years before emigrating. I’m a proud Scot & love our countryside. You can see puffins on the Treshnish Isles on the west coast or in Orkney or Shetland but all of these are hard to fit into a short trip. Skye is ruggedly beautiful but far from my favourite island. My favourite part of the mainland is Cairngorm National Park. I hope you get some nice weather!

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      2. Ah I see, how’s NZ treating you? Would you recommend others to move there also?
        I think we will be visiting Cairngorm, really looking forward to it, perhaps just need to prepare for the midges!


      3. I was lucky that the midges never seemed to bother me. They are more of a problem on the west coast than in the Highlands so you may not even encounter them.
        I love NZ. The countryside is like a grander scale of Scotland & I wager like Iceland too. I’m hoping to get to Iceland next year so I’ll be able to make a better comparison then.


      4. I was tempted to find a job in Scotland, but settled for Yorkshire due to sheer laziness. Now with election approaching, the SNP looks as though they will do a much better job at running a country. Seems I’ve made a mistake… But perhaps NZ in a few years! haha

        Iceland is incredible, you’ll love it I’m sure. The people have a very dry and dark sense of humour, much like many Scots that I know.


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