The beautiful Lake Mývatn of Iceland. The name conjures up romantic images, calm, soothing water, with a backdrop of beautiful volcanic landscape. But what does the word actually mean?

Should you be travelling around the Mývatn area during Summer months, you would soon notice, or rather be viciously attacked, by hundreds if not thousands of these winged devils. They crawl in your hair, fly into any orifice that happens to be open, sometimes even crash straight into your eye balls as you ogle at the landscape.

Mývatn, in fact, means “midges” in Icelandic, and to translate Lake Mývatn into “Midge Lake”, somehow made it lose all the romantic connotations it had… I guess sometimes, ignorance is indeed, bliss…


4 thoughts on “Mývatn

  1. Had first hand experience on just how pesky the hordes were…. husband went fly-fishing there, and caught the largest brown trout ever, but two months later was still using anti-histamines and cortozone cream to ease the bites. Took a lot of editing in PS to get rid of all the fly-dots in my pix!! But the waterfowl were fantastic 🙂


    • Haha you’d think the little midges would be grateful, that your husband had helped to rid them of a ferocious predator!

      We were glad to have left the midges behind, but would have loved to stay around the area for a while longer to explore.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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