Heydalur, located in a remote corner of Westfjords, gave us one of the most memorable days in Iceland. We saw an Arctic fox (coming soon…), ate wonderful yet reasonably priced (which is rare in Iceland) food, and the most wonderful of all, our first ever Aurora Borealis sighting.


15 thoughts on “Heydalur

  1. Nice Image! I’m trying to figure out where your camera is pointed in the sky. I believe I can make out Lyra in the far top left corner and Corona Borealis toward the bottom left of the frame (to the right of the tree). I could be mistaken.


    1. Hope you had fun deciphering the starry night sky, I had no idea where my camera was pointing haha, I was so very excited, and busy bouncing around like an idiot. Now come to think of it, it was probably towards West-North-West, ish?


    1. We did! It was our 3rd or 4th attempt to see it, but we finally managed to see it.
      Got up at 1am, stepped outside our room and it was just above our heads. The aurora forecast said it was only a 2 on the scale but it was beautiful non the less. We did see it again on our last night, it was very cloudy, but due to the high intensity, we saw some glowing green clouds!


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