Peek into the highlands


Our exploration of the Icelandic highlands was rather limited, but what we did see was of astounding beauty.

The sceneries became even more dramatic, resembling that of lunar, and occasionally Martian landscapes. Vegetation was sparse, mostly mosses and lichens. The wind howled and dust was hurtling through the air. Yet we could not help but to love this desolate and hostile landscape. Perhaps it spoke to our inner misanthropes, made us feel that we were far, far away from civilisation and the troubles it brings.


11 thoughts on “Peek into the highlands

  1. Nice shot! Unfortunately, most parts and roads were still closed during our trip to Iceland. Next summer, I am also heading towards this amazing solitude and vastness.


    • Hi there, thanks for commenting.
      Ah was it because of Bardarbunga? We were there when it began to erupt, but luckily for us, we had managed to visit that part of the country before the road closures.

      I hope you get to see it next summer, it really is amazing!


      • Hi there, no it was because of too much snow that the roads were closed. 🙂 Iceland is always full of surprises, you just need to quickly adapt and change your plans. Probably that’s what contributes to its amazingness.


      • End of May until June 20 this year. When I arrived at home, I immediately booked a flight for January to go back and watch Northern lights. I absolutely fell in love 🙂


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