This was taken on our way to this remote town called Djúpavík, in Westfjords. The main attraction of this place is an abandoned herring factory. From where we had started to the town was about 40km, however, it had taken us about 2 hours to cover that distance. We did stop for photographs but the bulk of the time was spent on avoiding potholes and ditches, and our little Jimny spluttered unhealthily whenever we drove above 30km/h.

We had underestimated the time it would take to get to Djúpavík, and by the time we had reached the town, we had little time to look around. After relieving myself in the Djúpavík hotel, and stuffing down a Skyr each, we hastily made our way back.

There are very few specific tourist attractions in Westfjords, instead, the pleasure comes from driving through the region as a whole. There are literally fjords within fjords within fjords!


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