Snaefellsnes Coast


It was our second time visiting Snaefellsnes. First time it was Winter Solstice of 2012, we had very limited daylight to see it in, but that had somehow added to the mystique of the landscape. Second time round, weather was less than optimal, but we had managed to visit a few more places.


11 thoughts on “Snaefellsnes Coast

  1. What a beautiful place!
    Is there a way to get to the shore, or wait should I ask is there a sandy shore at all?
    Oh well, the rocky coast line must look awesome at high tide 🙂


    • It is indeed, perhaps the rainy weather contributed to the character of the landscape.
      There were a few small alcoves of black sand beaches, but that particular stretch of coastline was just basaltic lava. Watching the waves crashing against the lava cliffs was quite exciting!
      Thank you for taking time to comment 🙂


    • We had a grand total of 4 hours of daylight that day haha, it did look great while it lasted!
      That day it was pretty decent, but my photography skills were not up to par to cope with the rapidly changing light, most of my pictures from that day were pretty much unusable sadly…


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