Greetings! Welcome to Planet Satsuma!



Found this minuscule arachnid poised upon a juicy satsuma. Upon inspection, it appeared to have been waving at the lens.

The darker patches of orange colour, are in fact the dimples on the satsuma, this spider is seriously tiny!

Taken using reversed 28mm prime on extension tubes.


2 thoughts on “Greetings! Welcome to Planet Satsuma!

  1. What kind of spider is it? Jumping variety? I have a few really tiny spidy photographs, but I have no idea what they are. Was it difficult to frame up the shot? From my experience: tiny spiders don’t like to cooperate!

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  2. Not too sure, I’m no expert on spider identification. I thought it was just a homogenous grey blob. But once again, high magnification reveals more to the tiny creature.
    It was pretty difficult, once it realised my retentions, it began to march around the satsuma, but 30 odd photos later, finally one that was usable!


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