Gent, Gant or Ghent?

Recently we had the pleasure of visiting the city of Ghent. Although it had a similar feel to it as Bruges, it was more relaxing to stroll around in. We arrived there around mid-day, the autumn wind was cool and refreshing, and the light was beautiful.
After a brief saunter we paused to sample some delicious local beers, at an ancient looking pub.
We had decided to wait for the sun to set, so that we could see the lamps along canal light up, and we were not disappointed!


14 thoughts on “Gent, Gant or Ghent?

  1. Definitely Gent for me!
    Very nice pictures of the city. I was there for three months and forgot to take pictures of the city itself (I took pictures of ladybugs instead), so I’m slightly envious of yours..,


    1. Hello there, thank you for all your views, likes and kind words! And sorry for the late reply, currently on a trip abroad, do not have a whole lot of time in front of the computer.

      Gent was a lovely place, and I hope you’ll get to visit it!


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