Another Aurora picture taken last night in Camp Ripan, Kiruna, Sweden.

The dancing lights created these incredible swirls in the sky, it was quite a sight!


5 thoughts on “Swirls

    • Ah iceland! We’ve tried many times to see aurora there, without much luck. But I hope you’ll be able to find some, this year’s solar activity is quite strong apparently.
      I used a Nikon d7100, 10mm manual lens, ISO 400 but can change depending on the intensity of the light, and a remote for the shutter, most of them are around 20-30s. Trial and error, I’m also relatively inexperienced when it comes to night photography 🙂
      When are you going to iceland? Road trip or have you booked some tours from Reykjavik? I hope you have fun, and happy new year to you!

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      • thank you so much! that’s a good starting point for my first trial and errors 🙂 I will go end of January and I am already excited. We booked an appartment in Kopavogur and will do daytours by car. We did a round trip in summer for 3 weeks – that’s when I fell in love with Iceland. Happy New Year to you as well. All the best for 2015!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your aurora photos & experience. I see that you were so taken with the aurora that it was a challenge to photograph the lights. That says quite a bit right there. Something I will dream about for now.

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