Snowmobile Surprise

DSC_1757-1We booked our first ever snowmobile experience in Kiruna! And oh what fun it was!! (I only managed to nearly kill ourselves once, but no doubt, I will never be allowed to forget it… Such is life.)

The guide built us a fire, and on it, we made coffee, Lapland style, and grilled our reindeer sandwiches… Lapland is sooooo cool! After we had warmed up a little, we decided to take a stroll in the woods, and when I looked up, there it was, a faint streak of green across the Northern sky.

The experience was no doubt fun as hell, but when we got back to our guesthouse, my poor iPhone had been driven mad by the extreme temperature, it refused to function, and kept on informing me that it was over-heating…



12 thoughts on “Snowmobile Surprise

  1. I really can not express to you how these photos have made me feel…it is as if the visual experience has affected my heart, I actually ‘felt’ so much when I looked at these images. What an amazing time you must have had.


    1. Oh Karen, the experience of seeing the lights is mesmerising! I would go as far as to say, that it is addictive.
      Capturing the aurora had been my dream, but ever since I had taken my first image, I was hooked. Each photograph of the aurora is unique, the lights can develop in the most unpredictable manner.
      I am truly happy that you have enjoyed seeing the aurora through my lens, it warms my heart to read your words.


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  2. My wife hates the cold. But I think if I were to show her these images she wouldn’t wait for me, she’d book a flight herself. Just amazing. Even through photos of the event it is magical!


  3. simply magnifique… I was in Kiruna several years ago, but in the summertime… 🙂 btw, our neighbors across the street are a French-Swedish couple; her Swedish parents are from the North of Sweden, and they spend 9 months/year here… 🙂


    1. Thanks Mélanie. I was loving the cold snowy weather of Northern Sweden! But apparently the natives love it a whole lot less, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, and vitamin D deficiency is a big problem over there.
      I’d love to visit there again in the summer, there are some amazing hiking trails apparently! Did you manage to go on some of those?


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