Icehotel and Icebar

The famous Icehotel’s Icebar in Jukkasjarvi, Swedish Lapland.


10 thoughts on “Icehotel and Icebar

    1. Ah it did look pretty cool (no pun intended), but the price was quite high for a night, even just in the cabins, the actual ice rooms are too pricey for most, the ticket to see the rooms were 30 euros each, so we didn’t bother with it, and just went to the icebar instead, which was free, just had to pay for the cocktails (sans alcool) 🙂
      But it was quite nice to see!


      1. Pricey indeed! I wonder how it feels to sleep there, I mean I guess the temperature is 0 or less, shivering at the thought 😀 How do they make non-alcoholic beverages not to freeze in the ice glass? Isn’t alcohol a better option to warm up?!


      2. Think they give you reindeer sky beds, and very heavy duvets, not sure how one would keep one’s face warm though haha.
        The cocktail was just a mixture of juices, we just wanted something to photograph. The Icebar was inside a giant igloo, so it wasn’t too cold inside.
        Contrary to popular belief, alcohol consumption actually decreases body temperature, and is really rather dangerous to consume in cold climates.


      3. Interesting, it strange then that people in cold regions tend to drink alcohol, maybe they mutated to sustain the side-effects of drinking in cold environments 🙂


      4. Alcohol does indeed give people the feeling of warmth through dilation of skin blood vessels, however, in the process, it causes huge amounts of heat loss, which the body was trying to stop by constricting the blood vessels. Before we had knowledge of physiology, what felt warm must have meant that we were becoming warmer, which is far from reality


      5. It’s true it give an impression of warmth though only temporary. Soon enough, one starts shivering and I imagine that’s when the heat loss kicks in… then it’s sometimes difficult to warm up again. Not that I experienced many such episodes myself 😀


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