The Aurora Progression

This is one of the most spectacular Aurora displays we had witnessed this trip to Lapland. The lights started with a small sphere of light, and from there, it then became the most entrancing explosion of colours. My heart raced, and we were completely transfixed by the display.

The night’s event culminated in this, for almost as far as our eyes could see, the sky was dyed green by Aurora, and only a tiny slither of clear night sky was visible towards the North!! For these shots, I have used an ultra-wide angle lens, with 110 degree angle of view, and to have the entire frame filled with green light, you can imagine the scale of the display!!


30 thoughts on “The Aurora Progression

  1. Nice gallery! I like the image that includes: Orion toward the right, Sirius toward the left and Taurus up in the right hand corner. The first gallery image is also neat — Sirius is in the middle of the reddish aurora — adding a nice cosmic touch. How long did this event last? I noticed in a few of your images, Orion has not risen yet…unless it happens to be just outside the frame.


    • Thank you sir!
      The explosion lasted around 15 minutes, but other fainter streaks of Aurora was lingering for a long time before and after the main event.
      I wasn’t paying too much attention to the constellations, as there was an explosion of Aurora happening haha. But it could be because we went out to see the lights at different time each day, as the sunset starts around 1pm, we were able to see stars and Aurora at around 5pm.


    • Hi there!
      It had started with quite an intense white, then just bursted into a multitude of colours. There was a picture from a previous post towards the end of the display, most of the sky was red-ish purple. We had been trying to take aurora photos for quite some time, tried a few times in Iceland, only managed it once. Lapland was a lot more successful!
      Was yours quite intense or did you have to use a tripod and do long exposure?


      • hi! it was a weak one. also slightly cloudy so we really thought it was a weird cloud at first but then it got brighter. brighter white. we never saw green. only the camera caught the color. we used a tripod and it was a 30 sec exposure, ISO 800. so windy, looked away one minute and the tripod blew over. we got the estimate to fix the lens $250. not too bad at least we don’t have to buy a new one! we have a d800, used a tamron 15-30. love your picks!


      • I see! The one I took in Iceland was of a similar story, I only saw a faint streak, the camera did the rest. But these ones in Lapland, I only had to use ISO200 in some of them, it was really quite intense!
        Ouch! The Tamron looks pretty sweet, glad you didn’t have to buy a new one, it’s pretty pricey! Good job that the D800 survived too!
        Mine’s a D7100, never bit the bullet for the switch to full frame 🙂 , maybe soon….


      • Thanks for the aurora advise. We’ll look into other places. There’s one thing we miss about our old camera the D80. It was so much lighter! We do love the D800. My husband is eying the D810 but he isn’t going to do it. Although he watches reviews and comparison videos all the time and it tortures him just a little. The Tamron lens is nice. We’ve had our camera for a while and every time we would be in the city taking pics – kept feeling like I was too close to everything. Then realized we need a wider lens. It’s nice. We spoke to them about the lens breaking and they explained that they are usually sturdy but since it’s a wide angle it’s heavier at one end so that’s why it broke. We were upset but getting some decent pics softened the blow a lot.


      • Haha I can definitely relate to the anguish, of knowing there’s a more capable camera out there. I blame Nikon!
        My girlfriend and I are budget travellers as well as photographers. I tend to try and find things on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The aurora photos from Sweden were taken using a 10mm Samyang manual focus lens, it’s around the price of the Tamron’s repair bill! Would love to have a Tamron though, reviews are amazing! 😀


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