Paliament House, Riksgatan


We took a leisurely walk along Drottninggatan (which continues on to Riksbron, and then leads on to Riksgatan), from Sergels Torg, which is the centre of the New Town Stockholm, to Gamla Stan. This is a courtyard in Helgeandsholmen.

The parliament building is to the right, it is well built, however, rather nondescript. Pedestrians and tourists walk pass its front door day and night. There are no metal fences, no armed guards, everything about the building felt approachable. One of the tour guides mentioned in passing that Sweden has the World’s best record in terms of equality. The King of Sweden drives his own car to work each day, and was once given a fine for using the bus lane, when he had tried to skip traffic to get to work. Oh, and also, the Princess Royal of Sweden had wedded her fitness instructor back in 2010. I do wonder, whether Prince William would have been allowed to married Kate Middleton, had she had taught him how to perform the downward dog…


4 thoughts on “Paliament House, Riksgatan

    • Merci beaucoup Mélanie! I am only beginning to experiment with black&white, I have also realised that the lack of colour can in fact sometimes enhance the atmosphere of a photograph, will definitely try more in the future! 😀


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