Island in the Sky

DSC_0677-1Island in the Sky, part of Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

The Green River, a main tributary to the mighty Colorado River, can ben seen snaking through the plateau, continuing to carve this extraordinary landscape we see before us.

It was perhaps the most alien looking landscape I had ever seen. One of the park rangers explained to us that, we can see millions of years of geological history, in this single National Park.
The distinct layers you see in the rocky plateau signify various time periods in Earth’s geological history. And by exploring the layers in order, it essentially enables us to travel through time!



25 thoughts on “Island in the Sky

  1. Spectacular! Have you been to the grand canyon? I loved how we could get an insight into what rocks were actually the surface in different geological eras. Love your photograph!


      • Ah true… The US have such a wide array of landscapes and climates, simply amazing, they’re a lucky bunch! I have yet to explore these many wild places.

        I really like your photo 🙂


      • On the one hand I think America should advertise itself with these incredible wild places rather than its dubious pop culture, but on the other hand, the selfish part of me, kind of want them to keep it a secret, so that it will remain pristine… 😛

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      • Ahah, agreed, I also like to be all alone when I go to the bush. But I think they already do it a lot through hollywood movies in particular, in magazines, on social networks like Twitter, etc… Some parks must be overloaded with visitors in the summer. Did you go there during the summer?


      • Definitely, Grand Canyon is the perfect example of the result of over-promotion. I’ve made a somewhat grumpy post about it earlier on :P, had a good rant haha.
        The smaller ones are much nicer in my opinion, mainly because they are much quieter, and feel much more approachable

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