Creatures great and small

Here’s a small ensemble of common Yosemite critters. It was our first time seeing the Steller’s Jay, its electric blue colour instantly captured our attention, they are everywhere inside the park, and like the squirrels, are not afraid of humans.

Despite the “Do not feed the squirrels” sign all over, these happy rodents are never short of grubs. Many exhibit audacity unseen in squirrels of other regions.

On our way to the Glacier Point, we spotted the rather timid looking coyote, standing  at roadside, looking at the oncoming traffic.


7 thoughts on “Creatures great and small

  1. The Steller’s jay reminds me of my high school days: Blue hair and spiked, haha. Nice images! I usually hear coyote when I’m using my telescope, but never see them…unless they’re rabid.

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    1. Haha, blue and spiked eh? That was quite the look I bet!
      This was the first time I saw a coyote, so was a bit over excited, settings on the camera were a bit off… They look like a breed of apologetic wolf


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