Yosemite South


We first entered the park through its Southern Entrance, where the main visitor centre, as well as the start of many trails are located. From near the visitor centre, we took several short and pleasant walks to various waterfalls; there is also a shuttle available (much like other NPs), that takes the tourists to various points of interest within the park, should you decide to take it easy.
The Mirror Lake trail is another option for a leisurely stroll. There were certain parts where the path was flooded by streams, but it was easy enough to take off the shoes and roll up the trousers and wade through the water, in fact it was rather pleasant.

A more strenuous trail is the Vernal/Nevada Falls trail. We’ve only had time (and stamina) to reach the top of Vernal Fall, the view was fantastic. Had we had the equipment as well as the time, we would definitely have gone to Nevada Fall.

Yosemite is elevated above 1000 metres, which means even in the middle of the summer, the temperature is still very pleasant. As we drove to Mono Lake the day after, we had actually encountered a small blizzard!

Coming next: East Yosemite and Mono Lake


10 thoughts on “Yosemite South

    1. Thanks Inger! It was certainly one of the greenest parks we’ve visited in the West.

      Those giant granite rocks looked very foreboding , yet people flock to Yosemite to climb them every year, some seriously crazy climbers do it without ropes or any safety gear, they call it “free-soloing”. I’m not great with heights, and that sounds pretty terrifying!

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