East Yosemite and Mono Lake

Eastern parts of Yosemite looked subtly different from the South entrance, the plants looked a lot more hardy, as if they’ve gotten used to being battered by harsher climate.

We stopped by a few places: the beautifully tranquil Tenaya Lake, Tuolomne Meadows (that’s when the rain started, which was later followed by snow) and a few other unnamed vista points. There was a little visitor centre at Tuolomne Meadows, maybe it was the horrid weather, the staff seemed just a little bit more depressed than those at the South… Hope they are feeling better now.

After a little while more, we had driven past the blizzard, and were greeted by an amazing sight. We had a little to eat at a gas station just short of Mono Lake, while we admired the scenery.

We then went for a stroll down to the lake. The lake is famous for its salinity and alkalinity. Salt pillars crystallise from the lake’s water, and are called “tufas”. There is a unique species of fly that lives in/around the lake, its larvae are able to survive in the incredible salinity!


14 thoughts on “East Yosemite and Mono Lake

  1. Nice images! Mono Lake sounds familiar…is that the place where a biologist falsely claimed he/she discovered a new form of life? Something like that. Were you able to photograph any of the salt flies?


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