Iron Lion Zion


Zion was the first National Park we visited in the amazing state of Utah. As soon as we entered the park, I was bewitched by their red-coloured asphalt– something that sounds quite odd when said out loud. All the roads within the Utah National Parks are of a characteristic sandstone-red, it is quite something!

We parked up and took the shuttle (unlike the one in other parts, the ones in Zion were not air conditioned, they were like little mobile ovens and we were the sausages), and all along the way, there were interesting looking sandstone formations, peaks and lush green cottonwood trees.

We got off the shuttle and made a little hike, the Zion Valley after a little rain looked gorgeous, the colour of sandstone looked extra vivid and trees extra green.



The next day we visited Zion through a different entrance. After a long hike in the midday sun (which, in hindsight was a little silly), one is rewarded with the sight of undulating sandstone ridges stretching to the horizon.


14 thoughts on “Iron Lion Zion

  1. Sausages in mobile little ovens? Mmmm very visual comparison ahah no air conditioning is quite unusual in the US, was it broken? The area looks gorgeous, I like the strongly contrasted colors. Do you know the name of the river on your pics?


    • Haha wasn’t a long stretch, some of us did in fact resemble sausages 😛
      It was like a safari vehicle, had some fenestrations but did not have A/C. Luckily it had rained a little, otherwise we might had been cooked to well-done…
      I think the river is called Virgin River, saw quite a few photographers along the river banks, not difficult to see why

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  2. Awesome photos! Utah is a really spectacular state for taking photos. We just visited Red Rocks in Colorado a few weeks ago, the road on the way in is regular black but it’s red for miles on the way out.


  3. What amazing pictures! the different layers of red in the mountains is spectacular. Some really great shots you’ve captured.

    Looks like a hot place though, so I am surprised the buses didn’t have air con!


    • Hi Inger! It was a very beautiful place, lots of things going on. As is with most of the NPs, one can spend months in them in order to see everything they had to offer.
      It was pretty hot! The first day was kind of tolerable, because we had just come from Las Vegas where it was 45 C !! And it had rained a little, so the the temperature was OK-ish in Utah. The second day when we went back, it was way too hot, but me being stupid as I was, decided to take the hike anyway… But, we survived! haha


      • 45C…that is just too warm to do anything! Anything above 25C is too high for my preference, but I guess it is all about what you are used to. Being born up north 30C was a heat wave for us (didn’t happen very often…hehe). Anyways, your pictures are stunning, so seems it was worth suffering through the heat!


      • Yes we could feel our nostrils burning with each breath we took while in Vegas, it was quite an experience, but one that I’m keen not to repeat anytime soon.

        Both Gin and I prefer cooler climates also, that’s probably why we kept running into the Arctic circle given the chance haha. We coped much better in Swedish Lapland than we did in the American desert.

        But you are right, sometimes temporary sufferings are redeemed by the memories we get to keep 🙂

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