Day 3: Snaefellsnes Horses in Black&White

My fellow travel/photography blogger, the talented and capable engineer, Ms. Inger of Girl Gone Expat, had invited me to join in this intriguing 5-day photo challenge.
Inger has a delicate yet enthralling way of presenting the natural beauty of North America, I am sure you will love her posts and beautiful photography of North American wildlife.

The original photo was taken in Snaefellsnes on Winter Solstice of 2012. There were many of these stumpy little Icelandic ponies running around, they were very tame and friendly.

horse2 copy-1

Today I would like to invite my fellow blogger, photographer, explorer of the night sky, and wordsmith Mr FlyTrapManHe also has a blog dedicated to the microcosmthat is well worth checking out!

Two simple rules of participation are:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photo in black and white.

2. Each day, invite another blogger friend to join in on the fun, to ensure the self-perpetuation of the WP community.

That’s all!

Tell me what you think of the monochrome conversion!




14 thoughts on “Day 3: Snaefellsnes Horses in Black&White

  1. I loved all the wild horses on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. My photos are in color and I liked the silky brown color of their coats against the lush green grass, but your black-and-white version is beautiful. I like it better than the original; it’s sharper and moodier and captures the feeling of that remote land even better!

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    1. Did you get to ride one while you were there? We had a riding tour in Akureyri, along the fjord, it was quite enjoyable.

      I agree with you, the land of dark igneous rocks and white ice, black and white photographs expresses that better than full colour. Thank you!


      1. That’s funny. I somehow feel all cartoons tend to do so. We start with the basic assumption that animals will for some reason think like us and even make the same mistakes like us. 🙂

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