Monochrome fun Day 4: Waterlily

For day 4 of the black and white photo challenge, I have prepared a floral image, taken in the New York City Botanical Gardens.

 And for the nomination, I would very much like to invite Ms. Kathy Samuel. She has a beautifully designed website, with wide range of truly stunning images.

There are only two rules of participation:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photo in black and white.

2. Each day, invite another blogger friend to join in on the fun.

That is all!


4 thoughts on “Monochrome fun Day 4: Waterlily

  1. Another beautiful monochrome style photo. Like it that you have a link to the original image for all your B&W posts. It is fun comparing them. On this image I cannot decide if I prefer the colour version or the monochrome version. They are both equally beautiful! The details in the pictures are amazing.

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    • I could probably have done better, by putting the monochrome and original on the same post haha, that would have been simpler 🙂
      Considering the camera+lens set up I had back then, this really wasn’t a terrible attempt 😀


  2. Hi, thank you so much for inviting me and for your kind words! I won’t be able to participate this time, but I very much appreciate you thinking of me 🙂 Thanks again and keep up the good word on your blog – it’s one that I really enjoy!

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