Nom nom


Hungry little wasp/bee having spot of lunch, in the warm April sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Nom nom

    • Haha it could be, neither am I. I thought the three tiny eyes on the top of the head as well as large mandible are traits of a wasp?
      I used a Tokina 28mm reversed on a small Kenko extension tube


      • The tiny little false eyes are usually called ocelli; bees and wasps both usually have them as do other groups like flies and dragonflies. I’m not sure if there are any general traits that distinctly separate the two. I guess bees tend to be hairier as they are usually pollinators whereas wasps often aren’t. Of course cuckoo bees don’t need pollen for their young so they are not very hairy. One day I will get that entomology textbook I have been telling myself to read. 🙂


    • I have not, although I’m pretty sure it’s a gruesome sight. Recently watched a BBC documentary, there was a orchid mantis munching on a new hatchling, that was pretty entertaining


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