Arches arches and some more arches


Arches National Park, Utah, has some really interesting rock formations (much like the rest of Utah). We had glorious sunshine on the day of our visit, which turned into the heat-stroke inducer a few hours into the trip.


The “Balancing Rock” comes into view quite early on. This giant boulder perching precariously on top of the rocky stem was a popular photo spot.





After viewing some of the iconic yet easy to reach arches, we decided to head towards one of the main attractions of the park, the Delicate Arch, which was adopted as the state symbol of Utah. On our way to the trail-head, there were these incredibly colourful hillsides, presumably due to the various mineral deposits present in the rocks.



The trail which led to the Delicate Arch overlaps a shorter, flatter trail, on which one can see some interesting petroglyphs.


The scenery on the way to the arch was quite extraordinary: giant slabs of sandstones with hardy vegetations fighting to establish roots in this harsh desert environment.


After a difficult trek under the midday sun, the Delicate Arch finally came into view. It sits, quite appropriately, in the centre of a giant sandstone bowl, looked rather majestic!


We ran out of time after the hike back from the arch, rather than braving the Devil’s Garden, we decided to drive around to see a little of the rest of the park before calling it a day.




Hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of Arches National Park. Let me know what you think!



13 thoughts on “Arches arches and some more arches

    • Sorry for the slow reply Mélanie, I didn’t see the notification.

      Utah always seem to have bright sunny days, we had a great time there, loved the rocks!

      Hope all is well in Toulouse 🙂


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