Tarn Hows



Tarn Hows, Lake District, Cumbria.

This is a real hidden gem of our most recent trip to the beautiful Lake District in North West England.

We had never thought of seeing snow covered peaks such as this in England, so close to where we live.


27 thoughts on “Tarn Hows

    1. It looks like where the white walkers would come down from doesn’t it. We stayed away from further hikes, we were wrecked after the first day climbing the Loughrigg Fell.
      I’d say that we are more “distant-admirers” rather than hikers ๐Ÿ˜›


      1. Yeah — I wouldn’t attempt the hike unless I brought along a trusty longsword and buckler. Trolls, orcs, goblins and kobolds really get on my nerves!

        White walkers are also annoying, considering most people lack specific artifacts, which are required to grant them a final rest (I think).

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      2. Well the 4 episodes of leaked GoT episodes gave no further indications of the nature of the white walkers, and I’m still too lazy to read the books, shall have to wait to find out what their deal is!


      3. I might have read the books, but I can’t stand dragons. I’m tired of them! I can’t stand the way the show portrays the dragons.

        Scales…fire…gee! We haven’t seen that before!


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