Wasdale Stream



There was a particularly scenic spot, just beyond the trail head in Wasdale, behind the few shops and a pub, where daffodils grew and a cool, clear stream ran past. The drystone walls could be seen stretching all the way up the mountains.

The Lakes continued to surprise us with its beauty.



19 thoughts on “Wasdale Stream

      1. I see, so it’s not like photoshop because I find this program absolutely no intuitive. I don’t have it tho. They’re expensive programs too. I’m also lazy to post-process my pics, I generally just improve sharpness, tones and contrast, that’s long enough already 😀


      2. Oh forgot to say, Adobe Camera Raw is usually OK too, and it comes with Photoshop if you already have it. Catch is, it will only process RAW files.
        Generally, to obtain the best quality using editing softwares, RAW files are the best file type to use. But they are much much larger than Jpeg.

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      3. I haven’t shot in RAW yet coz I don’t have a program for it, but I don’t think my computer could handle files this big anyway, my laptop’s an old man 😀

        So do you mostly shoot in RAW?


      4. Yes I try to shoot in RAW whenever possible, you can push the dynamic range a lot more than a JPEG, which is useful in editing, lot of details can be recovered. It is true, a lot of RAM is required to process RAW files, but perhaps the old man laptop still has some fight in him?

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