Panorama once again — Sandfell


Click image to view in original size

The beautiful Sandfell, Þingeyri, in Westfjord Iceland.

I have posted an image of this beautiful spot previously, however, I didn’t manage to showcase the breathtaking expanse of the landscape.

So here it is again, I present, the new, wider, longer, and more dramatic: Sandfell! I hope your screens are wide enough!


10 thoughts on “Panorama once again — Sandfell

  1. Stunning mountains & superb capture Le ^_^ I love the appearance of these mountains with the large grooves, pointy tops and soft sides. They kinda look like volcanos, do you know if they are made of volcanic rocks?


    • Thanks! I was trying out the new software, and happened to have a few photos lying around, turned out ok!
      I’m not entirely sure, although this being Iceland, it is reasonable to assume that volcanic nature of the rocks. The grooves and slopes are result of erosion I thought, it looked like a typical scree slope. This was at sea-level, maybe the tides had something to do with it too?


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