“I am Spaaatacus!”

DSC_3135-1The hills of Grasmere, Cumbria, are studded with adorable, woolly little creatures such as this. They are rather timid, considering that they practically live amongst people. Or perhaps they simply rather be left alone to ruminate on the day’s feed.

This handsome young sheep is clearly their leader.

Edit: This cute and cuddly breed of sheep is known as Herdwick, it is native to the Lake District!
My thanks to Lucy of Allrightchoices.com , for encouraging me to google.


12 thoughts on ““I am Spaaatacus!”

    • It was impossible to tell, it was so woolly!! Hahaha
      It was lambing season also, there were some incredibly adorable tiny lambs running around, but they were difficult to photograph, next year I’ll bring a zoom lens!

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  1. What a wonderful shot. They sheep look so cuddly, I’d love to use as a pillow. Of course, they would not appreciate it 😉 The title was great too!
    Best wishes,


    • Hehe thank you Takami. We tried our very best to get close to them, but they don’t seem to like us, we even tried to bleat like sheep (on many occasions), so that they would look at the camera — we got caught doing it a few times, had some funny looks from people walking by 😛


      • Hehe, it’s cute that you tried to bleat like sheep. So cute! When my husband & I saw lion cubs for the first time last year (at a safari park), one came very close to us, and we tried to do a baby ‘roar’ to communicate. Of course, it didn’t work, and other people thought we were strange 😀


      • Hahaha, I’ve never heard a lion cub make noise, I’d imagine they sound like kittens? Communicating with them by roaring is going into unchartered territory, you and your husband are braver than us! 😀


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