Stroll in Gamla Stan


Gamla Stan is a special place.
It is the oldest part of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, which dates back to the 13th century.

The first time I visited Gamla Stan was in July of 2010, when the sun hovered along the horizon even at midnight. I walked around the old town alone at 3 a.m. , enjoyed the precious tranquility that is seldom afforded.

This year I got to return there, but in the height of winter, and with a wonderful companion. The quaint, narrow streets of Gamla Stan bustled. Yet glimpse of calm could still be found in the lesser known alleyways.
Many thanks to Gin, AKA Darwinontherocks, the obliging model.


15 thoughts on “Stroll in Gamla Stan

      • Yes it is practically next door, but I have actually never been to Stockholm! Well, I’ve driven through the city but not been there properly exploring it. It is supposedly a very nice city. A friend of my went there for summer vacation kayaking amongst the small islands, she loved it!


      • It is a wonderful city, would go as far to say it is my favourite European city. There’s so much to do, people are very friendly, lots of cafes and a great mix of cultures. Is Norwegian similar to Swedish? Would you be able to communicate with a Swede using Norwegian at all?

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      • Yes, generallt I should for sure be able to understand a swede. Not perfectly, but we would be able to understand each other. But they have a couple of dialects that are more difficult. Some words are pronounced identical, but mean different thing so there can be a bit confusion sometimes:)


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