DSC_0088-1A preening flamingo, at the Bronx Zoo, New York City.




32 thoughts on “Flexibility

  1. Nice flamingo, although I must confess I don’t think they’re pretty at all and I don’t like pink :-)) This one looks good tho and it seems they didn’t cut its wings or did they? The few flamingos we have here have such short wings it looks nasty, poor things… like cutting your hand off!

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    • Indeed, I also think their bills are rather stupid looking, well adapted for their needs perhaps, but stupid looking none the less.
      Not sure about the wings, these were out in a pond, without a cage, maybe these just happened to land in the confines of the zoo? Although it seemed unlikely…

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      • Well, the bird is ringed but I guess that doesn’t tell us if it’s wild. Pink… you figured that eh? :p If I have something pink, it’s usually a present from sb ahah. Hope all is well, still haven’t reply to your message… have been busy lately taking care of a baby bird…

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      • I reckon a pink cowboy hat might look good on you! Or a pink saddle? What do you think? 😉
        Baby bird eh? Hope you’ve been documenting it religiously? Got a post with the said bird coming up?

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  2. They can really reach everywhere with those long necks right? Colour of the flamingo is beautiful, I am used to seeing them in a more pale pink colour.

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    • Oh they can reach places you didn’t know existed! 😉
      I guess whatever they’ve been feeding the birds at the Bronx Zoo must be good for their plumage! I’ve only seen wild flamingos once, that was in Galapagos (of all places, I know), they were a lot duller in colour.

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      • Could be they get some food that enhances their colours. I seems to remember I read that salmon farms have some sort of addition in their food that makes the fish meat look more red in colour…

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      • Apparently their colour comes entirely from what they eat. Foods that contain carotenoids give them the distinct red/pink colours. I suppose if you supplement their diet with something full of carotenoids, they would look much more colourful! Wonder how many other animals this would work on… Wouldn’t a pink polar bear look adorable?!

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    • My thoughts too, the ones I’d seen before were much duller, lighter shades of pink. Where about in France did you see them? These flamingos sure get around, we’ve seen them in the Galapagos Islands a few years back as well.


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