Hike up Loughrigg Fell

DSC_2875-1Halfway up the Loughrigg Fell, overlooking Grasmere and Rydal Water.



14 thoughts on “Hike up Loughrigg Fell

      1. Unfortunately, no, though I’d love to see the UK by boat sometime. I made a normal trip there when I was a student – it was a kind of English literature pilgrimage combined with lots of walking 🙂


      1. It’s a great shot, looks a lovely place to visit. I won’t say exactly where (because I like to remain mysterious 😉 seriously, internet safety and all that) but The Midlands – close to the Peak District. Beautiful place, lots of old villages, tudor buildings, ghost walks – that kind of thing! I long to go back for a trip but Australia is just so far away.

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      2. Ah internet security, good thinking! I can sort of guess by the description 🙂
        I’m not so far from the Peaks either, the city made famous in recent years by Operation Yew-tree… Not so quaint as much as creepy 😛 (I suppose that can go up against the ghost walks)
        Indeed, it is rather a long way away, that’s the side effects of being so adventurous. My family has also spread out all over the place, which makes festive travel a real logistical nightmare


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