Croatian Coast

DSC_0048_2-1The beaches of Croatia are fraught with danger. There is no sand, instead, there are jagged rocks, that would tear your feet to shreds unless you are wearing some thick-soled sandals. The girlfriend was considerably braver and better prepared than I was, she went off and snorkelled in the sea, leaving me to explore and photograph the surroundings.

Croatia had impressed me with its vibrance, both in terms of culture and colours. The bright red roofs, azure waters, white stone and green trees contrast and complement each other, and all seem so harmonious under the Mediterranean sunshine.




14 thoughts on “Croatian Coast

  1. What a lovely scenery with the water and the cliffs. Makes me wanna go to the beach! Unfortunately none of that around these areas. Despite not doing any snorkelling I hope you enjoyed it:)


      1. From what I have picked up most Canadians go to Mexico or Hawaii. And the retired ones go to Arizona for winter:) We don’t take any extra vitamin D, there is actually lots of sunshine, but you have to enjoy the cold to be outside:)

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      2. Ah I see. I thought because the Rockies is of similar latitude as the UK, people might have the same problems. British people are all vitamin D deficient, except for two months of the year, July and August

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  2. Lovely Croatia, had plans to go several times but hasn’t happened yet. Have a good Croatian friend there, long time no see! Rocks on the beach are awful, same thing in many beaches of Southern France, I can’t put up with it either. Sand is so much nicer and prettier too 🙂

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      1. Sunbathing… Never quite understood the obsession with this Caucasian’s favourite pastime 😛
        The quiet island beaches are nice, especially during low tide when the crabs are out, I love hunting crabs hehe, always release them afterwards though hehe

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      2. Crabs are such cool little creatures, I used to hunt them too when I was a child, during my holiday time on the French Brittany Coast 🙂 I’d love to do that again and take lots of pics, I didn’t find any on the Baltic Sea 😦


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