Plenty of fish in Plitvice Lakes

DSC_0855-5Croatia’s most famous National Park, and one of the oldest NPs in Southern Europe. The collection of colours within this park is truly stunning.

Its numerous lakes are arranged in a step like fashion, it’s almost like a giant, flattened waterfall, that flows incredibly slowly… (I do not make analogies for a living, thankfully)




The lakes all seemed to be slightly different in colour. In certain lakes the water is super clear, we could see all of the fishes frolicking about; whilst in others a iridescent blue.



There are many paths available, all pretty well maintained. Although if you are visiting in the height of summer, you will often find yourself having to manoeuvre carefully past fellow visitors on some narrower planks. That being said, we did not see any drowning tourists.




22 thoughts on “Plenty of fish in Plitvice Lakes

      1. I must visit Italy at some point. My cousin is there right now on his honeymoon.
        We did have some amazing pizzas whilst in Croatia, which I suppose was the Italian influence?


      2. Probably. Here pizzas are amazing. Italy is really wonderful to visit to visit and for food. The best thing to do is come more times and visit every time something. Or stay here a lot of time 🙂

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    1. Considering it was a war-torn territory not so long ago, I’d say the people have done a great job, a lot of optimism, I suppose the sunshine and beautiful scenery helped, had they bee in the Arctic, wouldn’t be so sure! 😀


    1. The rocks are mostly limestone and dolomite, I suspect the landscape is caused by erosion by water? Not too sure, glacial processes wasn’t mentioned when we visited, then again, it was full of tourists and was difficult to find information

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    1. Hi Inger, long time no see! How have you been?
      It is one of those places you’ll have to see it to believe it exists. There were so many fish in the lakes, and they have been fed by generations of tourists, so now they all congregate near the banks to get more food!

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      1. Hey – we only have about 2-3 months where you can move without freezing / snow etc so we have to use it well! 🙂


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