The cow and calf

DSC_0502-1Wild bisons are plentiful in Yellowstone National Park. On a bright summer’s day, the herds come out grazing the luscious meadows.

An inquisitive youngster looks on towards the strange visitors, the mother casts her apprehensive gaze towards her precious offspring.



20 thoughts on “The cow and calf

    1. Yeah same here, I used to watch cartoons as a child depicting Native Americans hunting bisons. They are such powerful creatures. They also happen to injure the most number of tourists each year in Yellowstone, people seem to think they are tame when the exact contrary is true πŸ˜›
      There’s a book called “Death in Yellowstone”, it is a very entertaining read!

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      1. Ye, people are weird, they’re too used to zoos, seeing showcased wildlife… then they go in the wilderness and think they can play with wildlife… feeding birds is one thing, feeding bears another! I remember in Canada we were told not to feed bears, but seriously that’s such a fucked up idea πŸ˜€

        On that bison photo tho, you look fairly close, how close?

        Death in Yellowstone sounds good! Will have a look πŸ™‚


      2. Yellowstone rangers are pretty good at keeping people away from bears, there are lots of pamphlets at the entrances telling people that the bears all have cubs and it will be very dangerous to approach them. But occasionally the bears walk in front of cars, tourists become excited and scared at the same time.
        Oh it was taken using a 300mm zoom, so I was well out of harms way, think the calf was just attracted by the noisy crowd that was gathering in my direction.

        Do you have a kindle? If so I can send you an electronic copy

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      3. Arg 300mm! It’s sometimes hard being stuck with 200mm πŸ˜€ Some sows are super dangerous with cubs, some are pretty cool too… I think most man slaughter by bears are to blame on human behavior. But I guess some rare bears out there will just try to predate on us, bad luck if you find one!

        Thanks for offering to send but I don’t have a kindle 😦 is it like a normal pdf or different file type?

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      4. Oh ye coooool thanks for doing that ^_^ of course we always want more zoom, I’d like 400mm ideally but again, u just need to trick wildlife into coming closer to you or be sneaky, it’s like being a good hunter πŸ™‚


      5. Ahah sure, I still have a very nice hunting jacket that I def cannot wear in the city πŸ˜€ so much patience is required… sometimes a little too much. I spent so many hours watching birds lately, but it truly pays off!


      6. Thanks πŸ™‚ well these ones did not require any waiting time, I was at my desk and had my camera centimeters away… my desk is almost against my window and the feeder is just behind the window glass, on the ledge πŸ˜€


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