Teton saunter



16 thoughts on “Teton saunter

      1. In Iceland we met a woman from Germany. She said that too. Your pics make us want to see more of America. Victor has a fear of states that don,t border an ocean. It’s half a joke. He’s OK with Colorado since they tend to be liberal. I,d love to drive cross country. If we had a group of friends that wanted to do that would be fun.

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      2. Haha fear of states that don’t border ocean, that’s a good rule of thumb!
        America is a beautiful continent, the German lady was absolutely right. It’s a country designed for road trips!


    1. You guys live pretty close to this national parks, did you ever plan to visit America during one of your holidays? But I suppose there are so many incredible great places in Canada too… Spoiled for choices! ๐Ÿ˜›

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      1. Yes – we are actually planning a road trip south in the fall๐Ÿ˜„Details are not fixed yet but we are looking forward to it already!

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      2. We haven’t decided yet. How long would you recommend for it? We were thinking 1+ to 2 weeks. But we are driving so we’ll loose at least 1 day each way just getting there.


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