Hydrothermal Mother-load!

DSC_0043-1Of the iconic images of Yellowstone, the predictable eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser is certainly amongst the top. Interestingly, it is neither the largest, nor the highest erupting geyser in the geothermal wonderland that is Yellowstone. But due to its punctual nature, it never leaves a single visitor disappointed.



DSC_0107-5There are innumerable hot springs and pools. The cooler ones have thermophilic bacterial growths either within or in their vicinities; the hotter ones usually appear bluer due to the lack of bacteria.



The Castle, is one of the more eccentrically shaped ย geysers, it splutters constantly, and issues huge clouds of steam, the smell of sulphur wasย particularly strong.




The most impressive of all the hydrothermal features within Yellowstone, for me at least, is the appropriately named Grand Prismatic Spring.


We climbed up hills off the beaten path in order to take in the Spring in its entirety, and we were not disappointed!








A closer inspection of the GPS at eye level reveals the incredible details that gave the Spring its characteristics. The intricately woven bacterial mats of varying colours, grow depending on their distance from the centre of the spring, giving it the prismatic look. The texture of these mats are unlike anything I had ever seen before!

The view is so breath-taking, local critters had to move fast to snatch up the valuable real estates…



20 thoughts on “Hydrothermal Mother-load!

  1. Great pics! Colors are very nice. Finally figured out how we can get around without driving. I found biking and easy hiking combo trips! We’ll just have to get in a little better shape. Nice way to see nature and exercise. Found some that are ok priced and they take our luggage from inn to inn. They have self guided or guided tours. A nice way to meet people too with similar interests too. Trying to figure out Colorado for next May/June. We were at dinner the other night getting lectured (people always lecture us how we don’t see other cities) and we were like after Paris we realized each city trip we’re on makes us appreciate NY more and all we want to see is nature. Really sucks we’ve been trying to go hiking but won’t have time till July 4th weekend. We’re living through everyone’s nature posts now ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • So you get picked up by the tour company, and they take you to various scenic locations, and then drop you off with bikes? If so, that does sound quite interesting! And you are right, you’ll probably meet lots of others with similar interests. However, dragging the camera equipments with you whilst on the bike might be difficult?
      Is Colorado quite hilly? Do you need some training in preparation for the bike ride?

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      • I’m still researching. A lot of tours are really expensive. I did find some easy ones. Flat road/trails for walking and biking. We,ve done 25 (40.23km) bike easy rides and we didn,t feel it. We walk a lot. We can handle 8-10 miles easy trails. We,d train a bit too. We,ll read reviews and email the tour group we settle on to make sure it’s really “easy”. The camera will be an issue. Victor isn’t as strong a biker as me. I can carry some equipment to ease his weight load. We aren’t the healthiest people so a trip like this would probably be good for us. Heck no to hills. I always says I’m a lazy biker. We prefer flat and not too much wind. There,s a 9 mile loop by the verrazaano bridge which is great for biking. This year working on biking 6 loops. I,ve done 4 twice. Vic doesn’t have as much free time to bike. We can always do a walking trip. Need to read more about colorado. Mountains will kill us. We,really too lazy for that


  2. Wow, what a jaw dropping scenery! I can’t wait to travel down here and see this amazing location! Grand Prismatic Spring & Old Faithful will definitely be on our list. What else should be put on our list??

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    • Wyoming is beautiful everywhere you go! The Grand Teton National Park is just around the corner from Yellowstone, and has some of the most incredible sunsets ever. There are several entrances to Yellowstone, the Mammoth Hotspring is not to be missed either, it’s some of the strangest hydrothermal features I’ve ever seen, i will post some more photos soon. We spent 2 full days in Yellowstone and stayed in a camp site in Grand Teton, mainly because everything in Yellowstone was fully booked or too expensive ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. There are not so many places where the ground looks so gorgeous really, very impressive, you just have to look down to be amazed:-) the mix of colors is just brilliant.


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