Yellowstone Continued



We got up bright and early on our second day at Yellowstone, the forests were shrouded in mists as well as sulphurous steam.

DSC_0466-7Mudpools bubbled away cheerfully, some seriously hardy plants, with the ability to stand such harsh environment, thrived in the toxic mud baths.



DSC_0453-4With the sun behind us, we used the bellowing steam as a screen for our shadow theatre.

DSC_0465-6On we drove, before long, the inhabitants of Yellowstone began to rise.




DSC_0501-10Besides the otherworldly hydrothermal features and abundant wildlife, Yellowstone also has impressive waterfalls.


DSC_0591-15Astounded with what we had seen so far, we travelled on, little did we know, there were even more surprises waiting for us at the Mammoth Spring entrance of the park!



DSC_0667-18We were perplexed by the mechanism by which, these strange lattices were formed, a ranger explained that, one theory is that, thermophilic bacteria populate the surface of a rock, then the hotspring brings and deposits minerals on top of the bacteria; after which, a new layer of bacteria colonises the surface of the newly formed deposits so on and so forth. In my opinion, no matter how these structures were formed, they look cool as a cucumber!




DSC_0721-23Later on in the afternoon, the road on which we were travelling were temporarily blocked, a nearby ranger told us that there was a herd of elks crossing the area, and warned us not to approach them. Armed with a telephoto lens, it wasn’t difficult to do as we were told, after all being gored by a stag in heat didn’t sound like much fun at all!


DSC_0760-25We ended our day at the park after visiting the Lower Geyser Basin, and seeing our first grizzly bear!! However, we were too far away for a presentable shot, so I shall leave you with this…



36 thoughts on “Yellowstone Continued

      1. Really? Japan’s rainy season is in summer? How long does it last?
        I’ve bought a few lenses from Japan recently, the sellers are all very lovely, it’s made me want to go and visit 😀
        I will pass on your wishes to Gin 🙂


      2. Yes, it’s usually around end of May ~ middle of July in the summer. Very wet and humid 😀 That’s exciting you brought some new lenses! I am envious 🙂 Maybe someday you’ll have a chance to visit here.

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      3. Yes, in my humble opinion, it’s best to avoid the rainy season 😀 Too humid, rainy and crowded! 😀 But I’m glad you had a good experience to buy the older lenses with the vendor. Usually, the ‘old’ stuff is in good condition here.

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    1. The misty foggy spot was called Dragon’s Breath I think, it’s quite beautiful early in the morning. Yellowstone is a spectacular place to visit, no matter what one’s travel experiences are, everyone will be astonished by Yellowstone 🙂

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  1. Amazing! Grizzlies?!!!!! Maybe we should go here instead of thinking of Vancouver for grizzlies. In the other Yellowstone post some trees are down. 7th pic. Is that due to storms, something in the steam, the sulphur?

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    1. There are lots of bears in Yellowstone, grizzlies as well as black bears, sometimes they even cross the road amidst traffic!
      We wondered about the trees too, there are huge patches of dead trees in the park, some were due to a huge forest fire a few years ago that wiped out a lot of the park, and others, white coloured trees, died due to rising temperature apparently, the trees didn’t like the changes and died in huge numbers

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  2. Wow so many pictures Le! I really like the atmosphere on the first one, then the Mammoth Spring really is a stunner isn’t it? Damn, this park looks so cool, just lots of cool things in one place, not always the case. Pretty nice waterfalls too eh. No wonder you want to go back, I certainly know how you feel 😉

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    1. You are quite right, so many cool things in a concentrated dose, took us quite a while to realise just how awesome this place was.
      Have never seen anything quite like Mammoth, and I’ve been to quite a few places with volcanic landscapes.
      They do snowmobile tours in winters, thinking about going there at some point to do it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Snowmobile is quite fun, I hope you get to do it. I just think these machines are so loud, that kinda puts me off because I enjoy absolute silence when I go to the bush. But covered in snow, the park must look breathtaking, snow & winter are amazing 🙂


      2. We had some experience with snowmobile this past winter in Lapland, it was quite fun, but they do overturn quite easily, not that I’ve ever done it of course….
        I do enjoy colder climates a lot more, Iceland or Scandinavian countries would be ideal for me to settle I think, or Canada!

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      1. The greatest surprise I’ve had, is that many of the smaller, unheard of National Parks are just as inspiring and beautiful as the big ones…although Yellowstone is definitely special. Cheers!


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