Young lady at the Old Man of Storr

DSC_5508-1We are back from our trip in Scotland, and what a trip it has been!

Lots of work to do on the huge number of photos we’ve taken, while I do that, here is one of Gin (Darwinontherocks), perching precariously on a rock (ahem…), at the Old Man of Storr, on the Isle of Skye.

It’s good to be back!



16 thoughts on “Young lady at the Old Man of Storr

  1. …I’m perched in a broken chair and surrounded by emaciated ash trees…I’m not jealous…nope…not me…

    Nice image! The depth is extensive — I like how the body of water snakes into the horizon. The water also appears to cut through a valley, but I could be seeing things.

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    1. It’s the Scottish Highland, Isle of Skye in this instance, there are many lochs, lake in gaelic I guess, they snake through every corner of this beautiful country.
      Used a 10mm Samyang lens for it, it’s so wide, most of the time it doesn’t even matter it doesn’t have AF


      1. The architecture in Edinburgh is indeed amazing, did you go on the underground tour? Or hear of the body snatchers at work supplying the medical school with cadavers? Loved all that stuff haha


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