The bumbling bee

DSC_6481-1Spent some time in Beningbrough Garden this afternoon. Although the British bee population has been dwindling, they seem to thrive in this patch of florally gifted land.

It looks like she’s found herself a tasty pot of nectar!



11 thoughts on “The bumbling bee

      1. Personally — carpenter bees are my favorite, but I haven’t seen too many this year.

        I’m not familiar with that lens, but from what I read — it seems very similar to Canon’s 50mm macro lens. I like the floating optical design — I wish they made more lenses like that.

        You could probably stack the Nikon 55mm, but you would need a rather long primary lens.


      2. Ah I might have seen one yesterday! Just went through all my photos, one of them was a bit blurry but looked like a carpenter!
        The 55 is very old and not even a true macro lens, only does 1:2. But it’s pretty decent!


      3. Carpenter bees are pretty distinct — so it probably was one! Green sweat bees are interesting, not sure if they are around your part of the world — be on the look out!

        Yeah — it’s pretty much like the Canon 50mm macro. If you have a long lens (100mm and up), slap that bad boy on it and you’ll definitely have a true macro lens…sort of.


      4. I’ve been playing with lots of old nikon ais lenses lately, the quality of some of these old manual lenses are amazing. Couple of them are older than I am! I would hesitate slapping these senior lenses, just in case they gather even more internal dust than they’ve already got haha


    1. Ah thank you Karen! I have an app on my phone to help me identify flowers, but it hadn’t worked on this particular occasion.
      There were so many bumble bees in that garden, but they never stay still, for this one photo, many o’ blurred images were taken.

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