Phlomis in Beningbrough


DSC_6496-1Thanks to Karen from Sweetbabyveg, I now know the identity of these wonderful flowers. They are exquisitely textured, and looked gorgeous in the most unusual way. Here are a few more shots, without the bustling bees.




6 thoughts on “Phlomis in Beningbrough

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely link to my blog. I grow Phlomis as an architectural plant, for its tall stems and seed heads last right through the winter making fantastic height and detail in the garden- especially if snow falls.

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      1. I must get a wide angled lens. I even thought about doing a little video of a walk through my garden. The photos I take just never capture the ‘feel’ of it. There is soul in this garden, or spirit or something. But I don’t suppose that would stay if someone came in and made it all lawn. It is interesting isn’t it, wondering how just putting plants together can convey so much feeling?

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      2. there are some softwares that can make panorama photos, if you take a series of images, the software can combine them to provide a wider angle of view. Or even an iPhone can make good panorama images nowadays.
        But images can never do a good garden justice, the fragrances, the textures, the interaction with the plants evoke so much emotions in people

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