The fig thief

DSC_6401-2We visited the beautiful Cragside House and Gardens a few weeks ago, on our way back from Lindisfarne Castle. We got there too late to visit the house, but we did have time see their lovely gardens.

Inside one of the greenhouses, where they were growing fruit trees, we noticed that there were many half eaten figs still hanging off the branches. But soon, the mystery was solved…

DSC_6391-1A chubby little bird with shiny plumage, flew in through one of the glass panels. It was too fast for my old manual lens, so I sat down and waited… Soon I discovered that the thief had its home set up just outside the greenhouse there was a gardener’s tool shed. The audacious burglar sat on a ledge, presumably digesting its last meal, its beak still sticky with fig juice…





7 thoughts on “The fig thief

  1. Last meal or latest meal? Did the little burglar pay the ultimate price for his sins? It’s not the eating but the half eating that always gets my goat. Still, you can’t help but admire them. Birds eh? What would we do with out them? Let’s hope we never find out.

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    • I’m unsure whether the daring burglar has met a gruesome end, doubt the lovely folks of National Trust would harm a bird for a few stolen ornamental figs. Saw the bird in the act, but it was too fast to be photographed there and then, so I followed it.
      I agree, hope we never have to find out…


      • Absolut, as these Swedish detectives keep saying in Arne Dahl instalments.
        Yes, the grey squirrel and I are not best friends after one came down my chimney and did over £600 worth of damage a few years ago. Not covered by insurance either, as they are vermin.


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