Staffa Puffin

DSC_5016-1More puffin photos? Surely not?

This time we’ve found them in Scotland, on Staffa. The puffins here were a little more timid than their Icelandic cousins, took quite some time before they felt safe enough to come out of their burrows.



11 thoughts on “Staffa Puffin

    1. Haha glad to be able to share more puffins! I wonder sometimes whether the puffins get tired of flying, and stops over in Scotland on their way to Iceland, and this puffin was the same one I’ve photographed last year! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. Can’t even remember when. It was pre – digital camera so a long time ago, 2003 maybe? Haven’t seen puffins since I went to Orkney & Shetland which was even longer ago when I was still at school!


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