Lindisfarne Castle

This beautiful little castle is located in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, on a tidal island called Holy island. Visitors are required to look up safe crossing time using the online tide table, in order to avoid being stranded.

DSC_6306-1If you, like me, are fans of the TV series Vikings, you might notice that this is the location from where the charismatic Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok had abducted his slave (later friend) Athelstan. Although this castle was built long after the fabled abduction, in the 16th Century.

DSC_6308-1Its most recent occupant was Sir Edwin Lutyens, who had bought and converted the castle into his family home in 1901. Today the castle belongs to the National Trust, and is open to public.

There are usually sunbathing seals to be seen on the beaches around the castle, also plenty of sea birds to be observed.






7 thoughts on “Lindisfarne Castle

  1. You are not the first one saying ‘Vikings’ is a great tv show. Maybe I have to give it another chance. I just looked at one episode for about 10 minutes and didn’t like it:)

    Your photos of the castle on the rugged shoreline is lovely! Especially the one with the flowers. Awesome!

    What happens if you get stranded due to the tide? Can you stay the night in the castle? Now that would be great wouldn’t it??


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