Autumnal greetings


Been away for a long while, work’s been busy, autumn has once again swept over Northern England.


As the Sun moves back over the Equator, its light becomes much warmer, and less harsh.


Better get bee-sy, it’s hibernation time soon!


9 thoughts on “Autumnal greetings

    1. Hopefully the work we do actually matters, even if only to ourselves, otherwise it is hard to justify letting it dictate our lives at all.
      Macro photography in autumnal lights really makes me happy, it is one of my great joys.

      Hope you’ve had a good day Tieme
      Regards to you too

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      1. True words! But it is a challenge to stand your ground when it comes to different conflicting interests.

        Yeah, Autumn is nice! So many colours, fog, low sunlight 🙂

        I had a good day, thank you! Hope your day is good too!



    1. Thanks! Autumn is a rather lovely season though, I think each season has something great to offer. Apart from spring, it’s just irritating, like a child going through teething all over again year after year… Haha, that sounded a lot more cynical than I had intended, need to vent off some steam 😛

      How have you guys been? Sorry I’ve not been in touch much lately, work’s been pretty crazy


      1. We’re ok. Headed to Philly again next month to “Terror Behind the Walls”. It’s Haunted House at Eastern State Penn. (abandoned jail turned museum) for Halloween. Can’t wait for that – it will be fun. We’re big horror people. We don’t like the torture porn movies.

        Haven’t had gas for 2 1/2 weeks. Hope it gets resolved. Winter is coming and we need gas for heating. We have spotty hot water service right now. Our landlord is a notch above a slumlord. He does bare minimal. They had the gas repaired and it wasn’t done right, wrong materials used, etc. There are a few city violations going on too…Just sucks. The tenants are coming together and we plan a rent strike till they fix this. Took them 9 years to fix a leaky roof and outer bricks. We live on the good side of the building. It was built in 1939 and has never been renovated. All patch work.

        Fall and Spring annoy me most. I can’t stand the days when I have to wear layers. Always feel too hot or too cold. Although it’s usually perfect biking weather so I can’t complain. This summer was mild compared to usual just a few hot days.


  1. Lovely close-up. The colour tones are awesome! I have noticed you guys have been busy, but guess we have as well. But will hopefully have more time for blogging now that fall is here. Happy to see a new post from you!


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