Sun-Moon Lake (日月潭)Panorama


The Sun-Moon Lake, is the biggest natural body of fresh water in the emerald isle of Taiwan. It is surrounded from all sides by mountain ranges, and it descends to quite a depth! A truly stunning spot on this little island of wonders.

We have recently returned from our excursion to, you guessed it, Taiwan! The busy schedule of life made it all seem such a long time ago. We’d eaten many delicious dishes, seen many wonderful views, I reckon now is a good time to reminisce!

This photo was taken from a nearby pagoda, called Tsi En Ta (慈恩塔),I’m sure during peak season it must be incredibly busy. However, the day we visited, we were the only people on climbing the pagoda, in fact, besides the ground keeper, we were the only people there!


6 thoughts on “Sun-Moon Lake (日月潭)Panorama

  1. Glad to see you both back! So pretty there.

    Haven’t been to Asia yet. Each time someone asks us if we want to go with them we say no since they are always traveling in summer. I will die in the summer there. We are thinking of going to St Lucia in April. We want a lazy vacation. It’s been a long 2 months.

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      1. Hi! We’ve been pretty busy since Oct. My grandma passed away unexpectedly in Oct. too. It’s been one thing after another. Been taking my Dad to the doctors (he’s 80s) and my mom may be having some issues too (keeping my fingers crossed). Hoping 2016 will be more stable.

        For 3 nights we’ll be going to Charleston, SC in early January. That will be nice. Get some southern fried chicken

        We got a new kitty, Chewy. He’s an orange tabby. He’s territorial and we are training him not to pee. He’s the only cat but he smells all my others ones. He listens. A firm no and he walks to his litter. He is around 4-5 years and was just neutered a week ago. So he needs to be taught. Really do hope he grows out of it. When I leave my place I lock him in the bathroom. No spraying in there. when he hears the stray cats in the street – he pees on the window. Otherwise he’s really sweet and lovable.


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