The temple guardian


Taiwan is home to many many temples, made up of mostly Daoist and Buddhist structures. The Daoist temples are usually more lavishly decorated, more colourful, and worship a great range of characters with the most fantastic back stories.



9 thoughts on “The temple guardian

  1. Haha – I had just started listing all my clothing and toiletries and … but seriously, I figured you meant cameras! I don’t have very special equipment although I am trying to upgrade both that and my skills. I just took a class yesterday! We’ll see how well that works out in December and January when I head to Central and South America. Right now, I just use a basic Nikon D-50 with a regular lens and a zoom lens, and when I’m on a tough trek, I just take a Canon point-and-shoot which actually takes really decent photos. I can’t be encumbered with big equipment while scrambling up or down rocks, and the small Canon can hang from my neck or go into a pocket.


    1. Hehehe, toiletries would have also been an acceptable answer!
      Oooh what have you learned in the class? How many sessions will you have? I’d quite like to get some tutorials too, but can never find the chance.
      I’m surprised by the quality of images coming from a D50, pretty neat, had me rethinking my camera buying philosophy there!
      I have a D7100, not the biggest, but really feel the weight of it on a hike!

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