Hypnotic gaze


A particularly fearless crag hopper in Taroko National Park, Taiwan. Image taken just before this fierce predator pounced on my lens, and me shrieked like a little girl…


6 thoughts on “Hypnotic gaze

  1. I am the worst hiker. I squeal and squirm and run if I see bugs. Iceland I loved because it was so cold there were no bugs. I don’t even run for a train if I miss it unless I have a bad food craving and I need to get to the store before they close! How close were you to the bug?

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    1. Hahahaha, there are in fact quite a lot of bugs in Iceland, I guess you guys didn’t get to go to Lake Myvatn? There are billions of midges flying around, biting passers by. We were distracted by the landscape so didn’t care as much, but our windscreen was so sticky with dead midges by the end of it!
      Here I was about 5 CM, about 2 inches from the bug

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      1. Ah…..! Thanks for the ehads up! Now I know, where we were in window was clear of bugs. Summer will make me squeal, flinch and run away. Don’t think we went to Lake Myvatan.

        When I bike – there have been a few times I see black spots. Took me a while to realize it’s a tiny bug that flew in my eye and got stuck to my contacts. I also try to keep my mouth closed. A bug has flown in from time to time 😦


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