The Eight-Arched-Bridge 三仙台


A beautiful spot on the East coast of Taiwan, well known to locals but seldom mentioned in guidebooks.
One of the guesthouse owners in Taitung (台東) suggested this place for us to visit, and we were very glad that we did.
The gargantuan pieces of volcanic rocks in the distance are known as the “terrace of the three immortals”, not too sure where the name had come from, was too lazy to google.

This bridge has 8 arches, the first 3 arches are usually full of tourists, but as one ventures on to the fourth, the fifth and the sixth arches, the crowd becomes sparse. By the time we arrived at the 8th and final arch, we were completely alone.




10 thoughts on “The Eight-Arched-Bridge 三仙台

  1. Very beautiful! The middle pic is my fav. One day we have to get to Asia. We finally decided – we’re going to Vancouver in April or early May. Seems like a lot of hiking tours start in May so scrambling last minute to see what is available in April. Told Darwin we were thinking of St Lucia, that got pushed till December which works out better. If you guys ever plan to go to the Caribbean – sometimes check early December. It’s still low season and you can get great rates if you time booking correctly. And come back with a winter tan that everyone would envy. For me I come back a different type of Asian. When I’m tanned everyone thinks I’m Filipino. Dominica I hear is a nature paradise. We haven’t been there yet. How were your holidays?

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    1. Thanks! I’ve got the Tamron 15-30 now, very happy with the pics taken with it!
      Vancouver sounds great, we’ve always wanted to go, heard a lot of great things about it.
      Hahahaha, which type of Asian are you to start with? I’m Chinese, do get pretty dark, but never quite Pilipino dark.
      We did entertain the idea of going to Caribeans, but with the distance, and tight work schedule, didn’t seem feasible at the time, so we went for Taiwan instead… Which is even further… yeaaaah, that makes sense doesn’t it haha

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      1. Nice! Congrats on the lens! When we broke it they told Vic he was the first person to get is serviced. Now we got a credit card that has purchase protection, travel insurance, and forgot what other perks. Wish we did that sooner. It’s $100 a year fee but perks are great for traveling. No fees for charging overseas too.

        Mostly Chinese, 1/8 German but I’ve heard I look more mixed than that. Raised by my Dad’s side and they come over in the mid 1800s to work on the railroads. My mom’s side I’m 2nd generation I’m very clueless about the culture even though I grew up in Chinatown. My tans last a long time. I bike a lot when it’s warm. When I have no tan I’m anemically pale. Look so sickly. I don’t feel comfortable saying I’m Chinese because I don’t know what it means to be Chinese. I feel American. I grew up eating Italian, American, Jewish diner foods, Polish and Chinese takeout. I like to say I’m American but people assume that means white only. I thought we’re a good example of the melting pot of America. It’s sad we didn’t keep up with the customs but I see it as ok. I didn’t grow up like that and I know other people that keep the customs alive so it won’t die out. We’re the something new over here.The way I eat reflects the immigrants that populated the Lower East Side where I’m from. Took me a long time to understand that. Wasn’t easy growing up in Chinatown. I love traveling overseas because that’s the one time I’m seen as American. It bothers me that people look at me and they assume I’m an immigrant and we’ve been here a long time. Only know 1 person that has been here longer and they came over on the Mayflower. 1 friend can’t even remember I have white blood and thinks its American Indian because of “my natural tan most the year “(even though I’m anemically white). Sorry, I’m ranting, it gets annoying. They tell me I’m ignorant and I’m pretty sure they are the ones being ignorant.
        I have been reading more into Chinese history on occasion but I don’t tell anyone because I don’t want to hear it.

        This is the most affordable grizzly bear tour we’ve found so far. One year in Sept/Oct we plan to go back. A city surrounded by mountains sounds dreamy to us.

        Taiwan was far but so worth it.


      2. Happy new year Andrea! Hope you are having a great Year of the Monkey so far.
        Did you family do anything to celebrate?
        My family are strewn across many countries all over so had to stay up late to wish everyone a happy new year.

        The issue of identity is universal for non-caucasians living in English speaking countries. People are generally polite in their mannerisms when interacting, but they would quite often add “where are you originally from?” right at the end, it helps them to categorise you. It gets a little irritating after a while.
        We met a couple in Taiwan, they were Chinese Americans. At one of the B&Bs, the owner was an old tea farmer and didn’t speak any English, he assumed that the Asian looking couples would be able to speak Chinese, but when they said they were Americans, the old man turned to me and asked: “Do they look like Americans to you?” I didn’t say anything and didn’t translate what the old man said for the couple, I thought that they would feel awful if they knew what he’d said.
        In summary, it is difficult to be Asian anywhere haha, the world still isn’t as well mixed as we would like it to be, like shall gravitate towards like, for many more moons to come. What we can change very quickly, is how we feel in these situations

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      3. Gung Hay Fat Choy! That’s one Chinese line I know! What year were you born? Vic is a monkey. I’m a sheep. I was born early January and it changed after I was born. For years I was told I was a monkey. When I got older I looked it up and I was like what?….I kept asking – “Why did you guys tell me I was a monkey? I’m a sheep.” Then they tried to pass it off as I was born on the cusp. It changed a week of two after I was born. They felt monkeys are luckier. I’m ok with being a sheep. I’m a Capricorn, a sheep cousin.

        Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and that’s the one sport I like, American football. I like the NY Giants. They did bad this past year. The Panthers and the Broncos were playing against each other. Normally I don’t care to watch other teams but the quarterback for the Broncos is the older brother of the Giants quarterback so I was really looking forward to the Superbowl. It’s my guy time – watch the game, order pizza and wings. We ate at Vic’s parents place yesterday. We were a little upset but it was the only day. I like Chinese food but not for the game. Had to get my football foot in so starting Friday I ate pizza and wings. Also I don’t like watching sports with the nephews around because I curse a lot and I had to keep it all in. But the Broncos won!

        Today I ate with my parents. It was weird without my grandma. I have a big family but we aren’t close. Grandma made it special. I saw her regularly but not as often as my parents so dinner was a bit weird. Vic couldn’t make it. Bad work day. We had sea bass with scallion and ginger, mussels with black bean sauce (I love black bean sauce) and some mixed veggies.

        Did get to catch the lion dance today. The big one will be this Sunday.

        Hope you took the day off since you had to stay up late. Vic and I didn’t take off. My boss is away so I can’t take off till she’s back.

        Public schools in NYC now have off for Chinese New Year. It’s recent. We are jealous. When we were little we had to go to school and we never got snow days. It’s good they are getting it now but we feel a bit ripped off. We had to go to school in the occasional blizzard and it wasn’t easy getting home and took hours.


  2. That is a beautiful spot! And your have captured it beautifully!

    I think on a stormy day, the water hitting the bridge will be a thankful subject for a photo too!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Kind regards,


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