Canal Dwellers


Visiters to our nearby Canal. Hoping to see some fluffy cygnets soon. They really are rather impressive birds up close, and I am particularly glad that I’ve gotten away with my arms intact…

Image taken using the legendary Nikkor 80-200mm F4 AI-S, obtained for a handsome sum of £35. Very pleasant old piece of glass!

Haven’t had time to post recently, it’s taken the first all out strike in NHS history to get the time to upload a picture… OK, that, and laziness. Hope you are all well.



9 thoughts on “Canal Dwellers

  1. Hi! Nice to see you back. The reflections are really nice. Great pic. We are off to Victoria for 5 nights tomorrow and then Vancouver for another 5 nights. So excited been wanting to go there for years. How are you two doing?

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      1. Hi! Can you believe after 10 days on the west coast I’m still on east coast time. I hate myself. I got sick in the middle of the trip but we took it easy. My fever kicked on the 3rd day right after hiking. Mostly better but still feeling it. Next time I will avoid all people with colds for two weeks before I travel. Was miserable with the fever. I looked like those kids trying to get high off cough medicine. I was running around drinking from the bottle because I didn’t have a spoon. Look into Vancouver Island – we loved it there. Victoria was really nice and we found a Polish deli that tasted incredible. It was the guy’s grandma’s recipe. The best Polish we ever had. We told the cook we wished we could pack him up and bring him to NY.

        We couldn’t get into Vancouver the city itself. We loved the surrounding areas but the city we felt grumpy and irritable but we also live in a really big city. The Chinese Garden and Stanley Park are highlights. Look into Sea to Sky and Whistler. We took the Ferry from Victoria to Vancouver and the scenery is breathtaking. At one point we had over a dozen bald eagles flying around. Capliano Suspension bridge was cool but we preferred the hiking trails more. We wanted nature unmanicured. Butcharts garden on Vancouver Island is a really pretty garden. The prettiest we’ve ever seen. We didn’t plan to go there but went after our hike tour for the day got cancelled last minute. You two would absolutely love it there. They didn’t have many bugs either. The amount we saw was a lot for them and I was so happy. I don’t like bugs. Made it even easier for me to hike. I’ve officially made it out of the sissy hike zone 🙂 There’s so much outdoor stuff to do especially if you drive so really read into the whole area. We love Canada. We came back thinking if we could figure out what to do for work in Victoria – we’d move there now. It has a quaint feel and you see the mountains from the harbor.

        July we will visit Montreal with my friend Parisian friend. This is a Canada year for us.


  2. Love the contrast of the white swans against the dark background. I’ve spent most of my life in the UK where the swans are white, but since moving south a few years ago, where black swans are the norm, I now find white swans a novelty!

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